1. Mee Krob $6.95

Thai famous Sweet crispy noodles with chicken, shrimp and pine nuts

2. Thai Spring Rolls $5.95

Stuffed with silver noodles and mixed vegetable, served with plum sauce.

3. Fresh Veggie Spring Rolls $5.95

Stuffed with Tofu, rice noodles and mint, served with peanut and plum sauce

4. Siamese Thai Dumpling $6.95

Stuffed with Chicken, shrimp and crab meat; Steamed and served with light

5. Angel Wings $6.95

Boneless Chicken wings stuffed with minced chicken, crab meat and silver noodles; Deep friend and served with fresh cucumber in sweet plum sauce

6. Sa-Tay Chicken or Pork or Beef

Marinated in coconut cream with herbs and spices; Grilled and served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish dip.

7. Shrimp Suit

Deep fried shrimp wrapped with egg roll skin, served with plum sauce

8. Deep fried Calamari

Served with plum and garlic dipping sauce (with a little touch of spice)

9. Veggie Tempura

Accompanied by plum sauce and crushed peanuts

10. Larb Kai

Minced chicken spiced with lime juice, chili, rice powder and fresh mint

11. Steamed Mussels

Green Mussels with lemongrass, Thai herbs & sweet basil in chili garlic broth


12. Tom Kah Kai

Chicken in spicy coconut soup and fresh mushrooms

Bowl $5.95 Hotpot $10.95

13. Tom Kah Koong

Shrimp in spicy coconut soup and fresh mushrooms

Bowl $6.95 Hotpot $12.95

14. Tom Kah Taloe

Combination of seafood in
spicy coconut soup and fresh mushrooms $15.95

15. Tom Yum Kai

Chicken in hot and sour soup and fresh mushrooms

Bowl $5.95 Hotpot $10.95

16. Tom Yum Kong

Shrimp in hot and sour soup and fresh mushrooms

Bowl $6.95 Hotpot $12.95

17. Tom Yum Talae

Combination of seafood in
hot and sour soup and fresh mushrooms $15.95

18.Veggie Soup

Tofu and Mixed vegetables in clear broth

Bowl $4.95 Hotpot $9.95

* Also can be prepared vegetarian style

Spice dishes may be ordered: Mild, Medium and Spicy Hot


19. Spicy calamari Yum $11.95

With fresh mint, onion and spicy lime sauce

20. Spicy shrimp Yum $12.95

Broiled shrimp with lemongrass, chili and lime sauce

21. Yum Nuea (Beef Salad) $10.95

Sliced barbecued beef, lettuce, tomatoes, with hot and spicy chili-lemon dressing

22. Siamese Salad $7.95

Romaine lettuce & hard boiled egg with our homemade peanut dressing

23. Siamese Veggie Salad $7.95

Green salad with tofu and pine nuts in a spicy chili lime juice

24. Yum Yai salad $11.95

Shrimp, chicken and hard-boiled egg with spicy lemon dressing

25. Siamese Chicken Salad $9.95

Grilled chicken, crispy noodles and ginger with spicy dressing

26. Seafood Salad Combo $12.95

Combo of seafood w/silver noodles, lemongrass and cashew nuts in spicy lime juice

Each dish prepared with your choice of:
Beef, chicken, vegetarian or pork $9.95 *Duck $12.95
Shrimp or Calamari $1395 * Scallops or Fish $13.95


27. Red Curry

With sliced green chili, onion, garlic sauce and mushrooms

28. Green Curry

With sliced bamboo shoots, peas and carrots

29. Panang Curry

Light, sweet and spicy curry

30. Pineapple Curry

Red Curry and pineapple


31. Green Chili

with sliced green chili, onion, garlic sauce and mushroom

32. Mint Leaves

with chili and garlic sauce

33. Cashew Nuts

with dried chili, carrots and onion

34. Garlic and Pepper

with garlic pepper sauce

35. Green Bean

with red chili sauce

36. Spinach

with mushrooms in garlic and black bean sacue

37. Sweet and Sour

with mixed vegetables and pineapple

38. Broccoli

with garlic and oyster sauce

39. Eggplant

with chili sauce, sweet basil and pine nuts

40. Pra-Ram

Sautéed spinach with peanut sauce and toasted onion

41. Mixed Vegetables

your choice of red curry or peanut sauce

42. Ginger

with onion and mushroom or garlic sauce


43. Phad Thai Noodles

Pan fried rice noodles with egg and bean sprouts

44. Spicy Mint Noodles

pan fired flat noodles with chili and mint leaves

45. Curry Noodles

Rice noodles with boiled egg and bean sprout in coconut curry

46. Rahn Nah Noodles

Flat noodles with broccoli in brown gravy

47. Chicken Noodles (Gai Koor)

Chicken pan-fried with egg, bean sprouts and big flat noodles

48. Phad Woon Sen

Pan-fried silver noodles with egg, onion and tomato

50. Spicy Fried Rice

with chili and mint leaves

51. Pan Fried Noodles

w/broccoli, black so bean and big flat noodles

52. Hawaiian Fried rice $12.95

With chicken, shrimp and cashew nuts; baked and served in pineapple shell

Jasmine steamed rice $1.00


53. Siamese B.B.Q chicken $10.95

Marinated chicken with Herbs and plum sauce

54. Beef Mussaman Curry $11.95

Red curry with potato, onion, and peanut

55. Siamese Kai Curry $11.95

Chicken breast with potato, carrots and onion, served with cucumber relish

56. Siamese Lemon Grass Chicken (Sizzling) $12.95

Half chicken marinated with Thai herbs and lemongrass, served with spicy plum sauce

57.Siamese Spare Ribs (sizzling) $12.97

Pork spare ribs marinated in hone barbeque sauce

58. Thai style Ribs (Sizzling) $12.95

Pork spare ribs marinated in garlic and pepper sauce

59.Choo-Chee Duck $16.95

Half roast duck with Choo-Chee curry sauce

60. Spicy Duck $16.95

with ginger, celery and onion in chili and black bean sauce

61. Princes Duck $16.95

Half roast duck with honey sauce and a touch of sliced ginger, served on broccoli

62. Bangkok Duck $16.95

Half crispy duck with spicy sauce and fresh basil, served on crispy noodles

63.Pattaya Pineapple $16.95

Stuffed pineapple with chicken, shrimp and cashew nuts in house special sauce


64. Siamese Spicy Fish

deep fried, served with mixed vegetables in a spicy basil sauce

65. Red Snapper Delight

Grilled with panang curry sauce, served with mixed vegetables

66.Prawn and Scallops (Hot Pot)

With silver noodles with ginger and celery

67. Siam Prawn and Calamri

with roast chili sauce

68. Gulf of Siam (fish boat)

Combination of seafood with Thai herbs, chili, Vegetables & cashew nuts

69. Seafood Panang

Combination of seafood in panang and fresh basil

*Also can be prepared vegetarian style
Spice dishes may be ordered: mild, medum, and spicy Hot

*Minimum $10.00 charger for Credit Cards
Sales tax with be added to all bills

*Not responsible for lost articles


Served with soup of the day, or salad, spring roll, fried won ton and steamed rice. Prepared with your choice of:

Chicken, Vegetarian or Pork $8.95

Roast Duck or Calamari $9.95

Shrimp or Fish $10.95

1. Garlic and pepper in garlic and pepper sauce, served on a bed of lettuce

2. Chili and Basil-with mushrooms, sliced chili and onion

3. Spicy Mint Leaves-in chili and garlic and fresh mint leaves

4. Cashew nuts-with dried chili, carrots and onion

5. Sweet and Sour-with pineapple and mixed vegetables

6. Broccoli-in Garlic and oyster sauce

7. Spinach-with mushrooms in garlic and oyster sauce

8. Panang Curry-Light, sweet and spicy with fresh basil

9. Gai Curry-with potato carrots and onion

10. Mixed Vegetables-with curry sauce

10a. Mixed Vegetables with peanut sauce

11. Phad Thai Noodles-pan fried rice noodles with eggs bean sprouts and crushed peanuts

12. Spicy Noodles- pan fried rice noodles in chili, garlic, bean sprouts and mint leaves

Lunch Served Monday through Friday 11:00a.m to 3:00 pm Subject to change without notice

*Also can be prepared vegetarian style Spice dishes may be ordered: mild, medium, and spicy Hot